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GSoC 2020: SLEIGH Disassembler Backend


Hello all, I’m Jiaxiang Zhou from China. I was lucky to be selected as a participant of Radare2 project this year. My main work was to integrate SLEIGH as a disassembly backend into Radare2. r2ghidra-dec was my main working repository, aiming to delivering Ghidra’s decompiler to Radare2. It could be renamed as r2ghidra since it would become not only a decompiler but a complete bridge between Radare2 and Ghidra after this project.

Special thanks should be given to my mentors, Florian Märkl, Giovanni, and Anton. Your patience and guidance are all well appreciated. I couldn’t have completed this project without your support.

Here’s the slides made for r2con2020.

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合约交易的时候gas limit一定要给够。

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Null Pointer第一次RE公开赛

关键词: windows逆向, 混淆, 32/64位切换

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XNUCA2019 Flag Teller

按照寒假的计划好好的研究了这道XNUCA2019资格赛中零解的Flag Teller,本题是出题方基于WCTF2019中的TPM2137这道题目出的题。属于非常少见的FPGA逆向,在经历一周的努力之后可以确认在当前的条件下这道题目近乎于无解,除非做题方拥有非常高超的仿真能力和丰富的经验。

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